Dec. 2020

New vaccinations and new vaccination schedules

2020-12-01T13:28:51+01:001. December, 2020|

ADENOVIRUS The first recorded symptoms of young pigeon sickness started to appear around 40 years ago. People spoke of „moss disease“ or „Adeno disease“ because Adeno viruses were detected in sick young pigeons. In the 80s and 90s, young pigeons first began to vomit their food and to lose weight because of diarrhea as [...]

Sep. 2020

The importance of ventilation in your loft

2020-09-30T15:10:10+02:0030. September, 2020|

An often underestimated and unknown problem is a bad ventilation in your loft. Because the fresh air can enter your loft, but then „drizzles“ on your pigeons, the upper airways of your pigeons will be heavily burdened. They will start to sneeze and will be sensitive for chlamydia and ornithosis. Then you will be [...]

Jul. 2020

Special tip for racing pigeons – Appercox tablets against coccidia

2020-07-01T13:52:11+02:001. July, 2020|

During racing season it is beneficial to give once one Appercox tablet to your racing pigeons to treat against coccidia. Coccidia infestation cannot always be detected in the droppings of the pigeons, but it is still latently present. The coccidia have a negative effect on the performance of the pigeons. In recent years, many pigeon [...]

Jun. 2020

Old and new manifestations of the young bird disease – PART 2 –

2020-06-05T14:45:53+02:005. June, 2020|

New experiences with the young bird sickness and the new available vaccines show one thing very clear: the more you vaccinate, the fewer problems you will have! Belgium and the Netherlands are, in comparison with other racing pigeon countries like Germany, Poland, United Kingdom etc, often 2-3 months ahead in raising the young pigeons. Belgium [...]

Mar. 2020

Pigeon supply in times of Corona

2020-03-31T10:05:33+02:0030. March, 2020|

Due to the current spread of the corona virus, the racing season for pigeons cannot be carried out in Europe in the planned period. Probably no race will be possible before June. In order to keep your pigeons healthy and fit until the start, we therefore recommend: to send in a dropping sample for examination [...]

Mar. 2018

Mega bacteria, black dot, going-light-syndrome

2023-09-19T15:54:10+02:0030. March, 2018|

The name Mega bacteria is a dreaded name to parakeets, canaries, parrots and other birds. Often also both other names „black dot“ or „going light syndrome“ are mentioned for the sickening of the birds. Specialists worldwide speak of „Macrorhabdus ornithogaster“. Sources of infection are of course as almost ever droppings and contaminated drinking water. Acquisitions [...]

Dec. 2017

Herpes Virus or Young Bird Sickness?

2017-12-06T11:07:18+01:004. December, 2017|

What is wrong with our racing pigeons? Have they really all become so sensitive that they can no longer cope with bacteria and viruses themselves? Are there really no longer any tough pigeons? To be honest: I can and could never comprehend the term "tough pigeons”. For me there are only good and bad pigeons [...]


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