New experiences with the young bird sickness and the new available vaccines show one thing very clear: the more you vaccinate, the fewer problems you will have!

Belgium and the Netherlands are, in comparison with other racing pigeon countries like Germany, Poland, United Kingdom etc, often 2-3 months ahead in raising the young pigeons. Belgium and the Netherlands have already started their racing season with the young birds, and therefor already have dealt with the young bird sickness and with dying young birds. The new triple vaccine Paramyxo-Herpes-Adeno seems to be indispensable regarding the Herpes infection of the young birds, but could not prevent the agressive and lethal forms of young bird sickness that many breeders experienced.

Only by additional use of the Paramyxo-Rota combi vaccine the dying of young birds and the agressive young bird sickness could be stopped. And even better results were achieved when the completely new, triple vaccin Circo-Paramyxo-Rota was used. The positive effect occured surprisingly fast and was even more effictive than the administration of antibiotics. The Circo vaccination seems to be of elementary importance for racing pigeons.

We would like to point out to all fanciers that there is still time to think about boostering the vaccinations. A young bird race with sick youngsters ist he worst that can happen to any fancier.