Due to the current spread of the corona virus, the racing season for pigeons cannot be carried out in Europe in the planned period. Probably no race will be possible before June.

In order to keep your pigeons healthy and fit until the start, we therefore recommend:

  • to send in a dropping sample for examination in time to check the current health status of your pigeons
  • to strengthen your pigeons with our “preventive, natural health cure” until the racing season will start or
  • with a combination of Reha Vital Elixir and Dosto Oregano powder

complete dropping analysis

(bacteriological, parasitological, chlamydia)         for 20,00 EUR

Swab for goiter smear (for testing on trichomonas)     for 5,00 EUR
(please ask for a testset on trichomonas)

Please send them to our German postbox address:

Postfiliale Huchem-Stammeln
Postfach Tollisan
Bahnhofstrasse 100
52382 Niederzier

We also offer the following special tests. For this, smear tubes must be requested.

Cloaca smear on Rota-Virus für 49,00 EUR
Cloaca smear on Adeno-Virus for 49,00 EUR
Cloaca smear on Circo-Virus for 49,00 EUR
Cloaca smear on Rota + Adeno + Circo-Virus for 95,00 EUR

Throat swab for Herpes-Virus for 49,00 EUR

Our preventive, natural health cure:

20ml Med. Tollyamin forte + 15ml pH-Control + 15ml Dosto RopAdeno + 1ml Dosto Oregano liquid = 3 liters of water


20ml Reha Vital Elixier + 10g Dosto Oregano powder = 1kg feed