Maxi I + Maxi II


Content: 10 capsules (5 blue, 5 red)

  • Fast pigeons through free airways
  • Insider tip for to-rankings

Insider tip for special flights like national or medal flights.

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Secret-tip for special flights like national- or medal flights

Many top-rankings in Holland and Belgium are achieved  after a cure of Maxi I and Maxi II on the national flights. Meanwhile, many German top fanciers have also recognized this.


1x Maxi 1 (red) + 1x Maxi 2 (blue) into 1 liter of drinkingwater 2-5 days.

One capsule Maxi I and Maxi II are diluted together into 1 liter of drinkingwater. Add some Med. Tollyamin forte, too.




Keep out of reach of children. To be used exclusively for the treatment of racing pigeons. Do not use in animals that are used for the production of food.

This product is only available after prior veterinary examination and prescription.

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