DF3000 drinking water desinfection


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  • for racing pigeon transport vehicles
  • against bacteria
  • against viruses
  • against fungal infection

DF3000 –  drinking water disinfection for racing pigeon transport vehicles.

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The Animal Protection Transport Regulations govern the cleaning and hygiene conditions of racing pigeon transport vehicles. The prevention of bacterial contamination in drinking water in the cabin express by the addition of additives, and thus to hinder a risk of infection among the pigeons, meets with resistance from many pigeon breeders. For this there are now new, highly modern solutions.

Racing pigeons are at a high risk of infection amongst each other in the transport vehicles, even more so when it comes to vehicles with traversing drinking troughs. A modification of these vehicles to individual drinking troughs would certainly be worthy of consideration and appropriate. Draining off the old water immediately after every flight and pouring new drinking water into the tank only on the day of assignment should be the standard, shouldn’t it?

Most bacteria are transported and distributed by water pipes. A biofilm is developed, one which allows the unimpeded growth of bacteria and fungi in the water tank and in the drinking troughs of the transport vehicles. In technical language this problem is known as „crowding”. The biofilm is often not visible and sometimes only detectable in the laboratory. The problems with biofilm in the water pipes of poultry barns are huge. The solution to this problem is called DF3000 from Dostofarm GmbH Germany.

Dostofarm GmbH is a globally active enterprise and is specialised in natural and environmentally-friendly solutions for problems in animal stalls.

DF3000 is approved for drinking water disinfection and not only prevents the formation of the biofilm, but also eliminates an existing biofilm. DF3000 is a special anolyte produced by electrochemical hydrolysis in a patented process. Conventional anolyte solutions are unstable and decompose after a few days/weeks. Filled into completely unsuitable translucent plastic containers, the decay process begins after just a few hours with the production of toxic chlorates. The desired optimal effect is lost quickly. Often to be found in conventional anolyte solutions is also a very high salt content, brought about by an old production technique.

Thus the birds also drink more salt than is good for them. Excessive salt levels in drinking water lead to intestinal peristalsis and thus to a nutrition-related diarrhea. Because of the salt intake the animals become thirstier and drink too much water. To make matters worse, the water pipes are subject to significant rust exposure through corrosion due to the outdated anolyte. In many large poultry barns the problem has lead to the result that, after only brief usage of old-style anolyte, the water pipes were rusted through.

In cabin vehicles with water tanks made of iron, plastic pipelines and drinking troughs made from high quality stainless steel, safety, experience and warranty of the product being used is needed.

DF3000 is a special anolyte with safety, experience and warranty in this field. It kills bacteria, viruses, fungi and spores, cleans the biofilm from drinking troughs and the water tank and protects the racing pigeons from the high microbe stress. The dreaded crowding by contaminated drinking water can be safely ruled out. The racing pigeons receive germ-free, neutral tasting water and will have normal drinking behaviour for the flight. Many years of practical experience in the poultry sector prove this unequivocally.

DF3000 is neutral in taste, pH neutral and non-corrosive, the water pipes and drinking troughs will not be additionally burdened. DF3000 is manufactured in Western Europe by specially developed and patented multi-chamber electrolysis cells with a unique flow pattern, under ISO conditions and by a certified producer.

From 2014, all drinking water disinfection products will be required to have a European authorisation. By then at the latest it will be clear where advanced technologies are used to produce the special anolyte solutions, and where they are not. The countdown is running, and quality has always pushed itself through.


For the transport manager who wants to employ drinking water disinfection products, the following should be taken note of for the first application. It is recommended to begin with a thorough cleaning of the water tank and the drinking troughs, to destroy the biofilm. This is very easily done, by simply mixing 2 litres of DF3000 into 200 litres of water in the water tank. Then simply run the pumps and fill all of the troughs with water. Let the drinking troughs stand full of water for an hour and then repeat the process. Afterwards, the tank and the drinking troughs are clean and germ free.

For further applications, 1 litre of DF3000 is sufficient for 200 litres of water. This dosage can also be added to the drinking water in the cabin express at the weekend. The effect of DF3000 on humans and animals is completely harmless.


special anolyte


The effect of DF3000 on humans and animals is completely harmless.

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