Content: 50 ml

  • against skin fungus – skin lichen
  • No effect against vermin

Spray the affected skin (usually the front of the chest) very well every three days. After four weeks, you can stop the process.


Skin fungus or eczema in pigeons

Skin fungus or eczema can be a common problem in pigeons and can lead to problematic skin infections and health issues. It is caused by a fungal infection that affects the skin of pigeons and is usually visible on the chest of the infected pigeons. Fortunately, skin fungus is effectively treatable, but just as important is preventing re-infection by taking the right measures in your pigeon loft.
The most effective way to treat skin fungus in pigeons is by using an antifungal agent such as Dermatol.

To prevent re-infection with skin fungus in pigeons, it is important to keep the environment of the pigeon clean and hygienic. This means regularly cleaning the wooden feeding troughs and wooden grates on the floor. The skin fungus can attach to the porous surface of the wood and re-infect the pigeons. You can easily clean the wooden grates and feeding troughs by spraying them with Dosto RopAdeno (Tip: buy plastic or stainless steel feeding troughs). Additionally, adding 20ml of Dosto RopAdeno to 10 liters of water for the weekly bath is both therapeutic and preventive. In some cases, skin fungus may be a sign of an underlying health issue. Therefore, it is important to ensure that your pigeon is regularly checked by a veterinarian to be able to recognize possible problems in an early stage.


Mix 1ml of Dermatol with 50ml of water and fill the spray bottle with it. Spray the affected areas on the skin generously until they are soaked. Repeat every 3 days for 4 weeks. Afterward, wait for a month and spray the affected areas one last time until they are soaked to complete the treatment. This method is entirely safe and has no side effects.




Keep out of reach of children. To be used exclusively for the treatment of racing pigeons. Do not use in animals that are used for the production of food.

This product is only available after prior veterinary examination and prescription.

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