PS Prange Soup


Content: 1000 ml

  • Health
  • Immune System
  • Flight appetite

PS Prange soup consists of a variety of coordinated vegetable, natural substances. The pigeons will be in a top condition after a 3 week cure.

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Prange Suppe, now produced by our new supplier, the German company Klaus-Gritsteinwerk to comply with current animal feed legislation.

PS Prange Suppe – The pigeon sports last big secret

Prange Suppe contains a variety of coordinated, vegetable substances. Prange Suppe has been specially designed to stimulate the delivery of power to the pigeon during the racing season. Prange Suppe can be used all year round in small doses during the moult and winter periods. The complex production process has been optimised by the Klaus-Gritsteinwerk company, guaranteeing excellent quality.

Prange Suppe additionally contains numerous other natural ingredients which the legislature allows to remain secret to prevent counterfeit copies of the product. Prange Suppe thus remains one of the secrets of Günter Prange despite this announcement.

Prange Suppe promotes health and enhances the immune system. After the spring regimen – Prange Suppe into the water daily for three weeks – the pigeons end up in great shape.

They bristle with strength, and show it by an irrepressible joy in flying.

During the racing season it is sufficient to give Prange Suppe 2 or 3 times per week via the water or food. In cases of a decreased desire to exercise, Günter Prange recommends giving Prange Suppe daily for one week. Many top breeders have had outstanding national and international successes with this approach.

Check with: G. Prange, G. Koopmann, K. Geraldy, J. Vercammen, K. Stieneker, H. Borker, F. Steffl



Spring cure before the racing season, 15 days daily 15ml into 1 liter of drinkingwater
Racing pigeons 2-3 times a week 15ml into 1 liter of drinkingwater


Takarmányfüstölő (főzött, szűrt), cukorrépaszirup, kálium-klorid, nátrium-klorid, szerves savak magnéziumsói.

Analitikai komponensek:
Nyersfehérje 1%, nyersrost 1,7%, nyerszsír 1%, nyersfehérje 1,2%, nátrium 0,2%, lizin%, metionin%
Nedvességtartalom: 75%

Adalékanyagok tartalma 1000 ml / nyomelemek vegyületei esetén:
(E1) vas (Fe) vas (II) -kloridként 27,5 mg vas (E2) jódot (J), mint kálium-jodidot 38,5 mg mangán (Mg) 9,2 mg mangán II klorid tetrahidrátként (E6) cink / Acetát, réz-acetát 4,2 mg, (E7) molibdén (Mo) 1,0 mg nátrium-molibdát, (E8) szelén (Se) nátrium-szelenit 0,8 mg


Shake well before use. Store cool.

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