Content: 100 g

  • High effective against chlamydia
  • ornithosis
  • faster pigeons trough free airways
  • fat heads

Orni-Chlam, the best product to treat against chlamydia in racing pigeons.

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Orni-Chlam, the best product to treat chlamydia in racing pigeons.

With vaccinations or other medical treatments always provide Med. Tollyamin Forte in the drinking water at the same time. In this way you can avoid side effects from the medications and also plumage damage. The protective effect of Med. Tollyamin Forte is very important for the liver of your pigeons!


1 measure (5 g) per 1 kg feed for 5-12 days in a row.

Morning + evening fresh




Keep out of reach of children. To be used exclusively for the treatment of racing pigeons. Do not use in animals that are used for the production of food.

This product is only available after prior veterinary examination and prescription.

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