Dosto Oregano Powder 12% + Plus ENERGY


Content: 500g

  • applicable over the corn
  • healthy gastro-intestinal-tract
  • Free airways

Dosto Oregano with a higher concentration of active ingredients and essential oils

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Every year a key question that is always asked by pigeon fanciers is: “What is new?” Often the answer is: “There is nothing new.”

It has never been our philosophy to release something new every year. We don’t have to follow every trend in pigeon racing. If we bring something new, it must make sense and must have a positive effect on our pigeons. For this, innovations are tested on our own lofts and with good friends first. Then we sit together and discuss the results. Some innovations disappear and only a few remain.

Especially in modern, industrial agriculture, there are innovative, new substances (feeds) that have a strong effect on keeping the animals healthy. We look at this anew  every time, and whether these novelties then show a positive effect in pigeons, we test – as described above – first.

So, if you ask us today: “What’s new?” – then our answer is: Yes! We have something new:

DOSTO Oregano Powder 12% Plus ENERGY

The health of the gastrointestinal tract in racing pigeons is the key to improve performance and is partially responsible for the resistance of the birds to infections such as e.Coli, salmonella, streptococci, staphylococci, coccidia, etc.

The new DOSTO Oregano Powder 12% Plus ENERGY contains various short- and medium-chain fatty acids that ensure optimal condition and health. Medium-chain fatty acids are also high-quality energy suppliers. The acids are coated with butyrate and therefore take full effect via the entire gastrointestinal tract.

Various essential oils (e.g. oregano, peppermint) support intestinal health. The anti-bacterial effect of the unique combination of DOSTO Oregano Powder 12% Plus ENERGY has been successfully tested by us for 2 years.

Especially in case of young- and old bird disease or dysbiosis (= watery droppings), often occurring in the moulting- and winter period, the new mixture provides a quick and effective improvement.

In the racing season, we recommend adding DOSTO Oregano Powder 12% Plus ENERGY to the feed for 2-3 days directly after the return from the prize flight. This directly combats and eliminates many germs that are picked up during basketing or during the return flight by drinking on the way.

We recommend the following application:
During the racing season:

  • moisten the feed with NANO TOLLYAMIN
  • and add DOSTO Oregano Powder 12% Plus ENERGY (5g / 1kg feed)
    Alternatively you can moisten the feed with: Reha Vital Elixir or Golden Omega Oils or Tollisol Plus.


5g per 1 kg animal feed (1 coated measuring spoon)


Analytical Components:
Raw ash 17,3%, raw protein 7,5%, raw fat 4,0%, raw fibre 0,6%, sodium 0,5%, lysine 0,18%, methionine 0,13%, HCI-insoluble ash 14,5%

Wheat flour, pure distilled coconut/palm fatty acids from fat splitting, sodium and calcium salts from butyric acid, palm fat, maltodextrin, corn starch, sunflower oil, sodium chloride, potassium chloride.

Additives per kg: Sensory additives:
120,000mg (12%) Mixture of natural flavouring compounds

Binding substance:
13,000 mg sepiolite (E562)


Close immediately after use (loss of aroma).
Keep dry and cool, but do not store below 10°C.


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