Parazit kontrolü, yüzey dezenfeksiyonu

  • Content: 10 ml
    • against parasites and vermins
    • Depot Effect, works for 1 year
    • compatible active ingredients
    Our new neck drops have a depot effect and work for 12 months. No tripping with the feet, no side effects, 100% compatible. The drop can be dripped on the chest of the pigeons.
  • Content: 750 ml
    • Contact insecticide
    • Vermin spray
  • Content: 250 ml
    • Surface disinfection
    • For the weekly bath
    Dosage 2 ml to 10 liters of bath water. Very effective.
  • Content: 500 ml
    • Giardia (in dogs and cats)
    • Worms
    • Bacteria, fungi & Viruses
    Acts against coccidial oocysts, giardia (in dogs and cats), ripples, bacteria, fungi and viruses.
  • Dermatol

    Content: 50 ml
    • against skin fungus - skin lichen
    • No effect against vermin
    Spray the affected skin (usually the front of the chest) very well every three days. After four weeks, you can stop the process.
  • Bath salt

    Content: 750 g
    • Feather Care
    For the weekly bath for your pigeons. Bath salt does not have any effect against parasites, it's a fairy tale! Use our U-200 Anti-Parasite Drops against parasites.


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