Tricomoníase, coccidia, vermes

  • Net weight: 100 g
    • trichomonas
    • no residency
    • dung texture
    Special drugs and a special galenic kill all trichomonads. Resistance problems, as they are more and more common nowadays, are excluded after a cure with the new mixture.
  • Content: 50 tablets
    • trichomonas and giardia
    • Highly effective and highly compatible
    • 20mg ronidazole
    High-dosage trichomonas tablet for individual treatment in the racing season.
  • Metro Liquid

    Net volume: 500 ml
    • trichomonas
    • Hexamites
    • Cervical mucousitis
    Metro Liquid was a secret recipe of Dr. Erdös in Germany for many years. The product was very effective against trichomonads and very well tolerated.
  • Tricho-Drops

    Content: 50 ml
    • Trichomonas
    Tricho-Drops have a very good effect on the prevention of trichomonas.
  • Appercox

    Conteúdo: 50 comprimidos
    • contra a coccidia
    • eficácia garantida
    • apenas 1 comprimido é altamente eficaz
    O Appercox é um comprimido altamente eficaz contra a coccidia, em que basta uma toma única.
  • Anti worm

    Content: 100 ml
    • against worms
    • Levamisole
    Contains the active substance 10% Levamisole, like Concurat.


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