Nano Tollyamin Power


Content: 500 ml

  • Amino acids

Nano Tollyamin Power will change the world of pigeon racing.


Med. Tollyamin Forte gets reinforcements!

The name Med. Tollyamin Forte represents the highest quality in the range of amino-acid products for racing pigeons. Amino-acids in L-form, electrolytes and B-complex vitamins in a highly dosed concentration probably make Med. Tollyamin Forte the European market leader for racing pigeons. We do not know the sales numbers of our competitors, but we do know ours and more frequently we see that people try to copy our product. This is why we decided to repackage and get a new bottle for Med. Tollyamin Forte: in gold. This should prevent mixing up the bottles. For us it is important, that pigeon fanciers who want to buy Med. Tollyamin Forte, actually get Med. Tollyamin Forte’s quality!

An improvement in quality of Med. Tollyamin Forte seemed impossible even to us until 2 years ago. But now we have to correct ourselves! For two exciting and backbreaking years we have tested, analyzed and tried out a technically new, top-grade production process. The result is called: Nano Tollyamin Power – new, top-grade amino acids an unprecedented high quality that were previously unavailable.

Nano Tollyamin Power will change the world of pigeon racing. The name „Nano“ already points out something special. Nano originates from the Greek language and means „dwarf“ or „smallest particle“.

Small particles dissolve more easily, as amino acids they are assimilated in a shorter time scale in the body. Thus a clearly increased bio-availability is formed. In general amino acids have long molecule chains, in Nano Tollyamin Power much shorter protein chains are available, which causes a positive chain reaction in racing pigeons. The weight loss (protein loss), especially after difficult and heavy races, will be repaired within several hours. The recovery of the muscles normally takes several days, depending on the difficulty of the races, often lasting until the time of basketing for the next race. Some fanciers therefore often have the feeling that the pigeons are too light and have not muscled up enough… Forget all about this! In theory Nano Tollyamin Power makes it possible to do two long-distance races in a week. Nano Tollyamin Power will change the world of pigeon racing. Yes, we are more than convinced that Nano Tollyamin Power is something very special!

When and how should you use Nano Tollyamin Power? Quite simply, everything you do with Med Tollyamin Forte, you can also do with Nano Tollyamin Power. The sales price, that is due the labour-intensive production process, makes us advise a helpful suggestion. From a financial points of view we advise to only use the product during the racing season. Again to make things clear: The product is absolutely doping free and can be administered daily just like Med Tollyamin Forte, also for raising young birds or as a supplement to all medicine cures.


Usage during the racing season:
Before the race: 10 ml – 1 liter water. 1 Day before basketing + day of basketing
After the race: 10 ml – 1 liter water. Day of return + 1 more day
At light races: 2 days, at heavy races: 3 days. There is no such thing as too much


Amino acids


The combination of Nano Tollyamin Power 10 ml – 1 liter drinking water in conjunction with Med. Tollyamin Forte 10 ml – 1 liter drinking water is advised and important, because Nano Tollyamin Power does not contain vitamin B or electrolytes, but only the new, top-grade amino acids.

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